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Dan Bechtel, President, CEO, Bechtel Property Services, Inc.
President, Chief Executive Officer
Bechtel Property Services, Inc.
Type of Business: Property maintenance and construction company
Major Products and Services: Property maintenance services for industrial and commercial clients; Commercial construction repairs and maintenance
Marketing Area: Southern California
Years in Position: 23
Years in Profession: 35
Day-to-Day Responsibilities: Serving as president of the company; Running the business; Overseeing all levels of service provided to clients; Providing customers with visual images of their properties; Visiting sites to inspect for services; Reporting on the inspections and recommendations
Expertise: Thinking outside of the box; Providing customers with researched, sustainable and responsible solutions; Shopping center maintenance; Commercial industrial centers; Various trades including; Day porter; Graffiti removal; Power washing; Landscape services; Asphalt; Carpet; Concrete; Drywall; Electrical; Flooring; Locksmith; Painting; Plumbing; Signage; Green product provider; Green and renewable educator; Carbon foot print reducer; Solar educator
Educational Background: College Coursework in Soil Science, Plant Physiology, Fine Arts and Filmmaking, San Diego City College; Diploma, Crawford High School;
What do you attribute your success to? He attributes his success to his hard work and his fast and appropriate response to customers' needs, and the fact that he takes pride and honor in treating his clients' centers as if they were his own.
How did you get involved in your profession? He became involved in his profession because he had a background as a general contractor and also worked in the property maintenance industry; he felt he could provide a higher quality of service through his own firm.
What do you consider to be the highlight of your career? The highlights of his career were the recommendations that he received from high profile clients within his community, including an official from the city government of Murrieta, managers of real estate companies and a manager of West Plaza Management. They describe his services as efficient, timely, consistent, reliable, and helped them to reduce costly repairs.
Where will you be in five years? In five years, Mr. Bechtel plans to grow his existing business and expand to include a Help Each Other Group, which will involve a combined group of services and companies. The members of this HEO Group will share innovative products and services that support Mr. Bechtel's environmentally responsible vision.
Hobbies/Interests/Sports: Deep sea fishing; Hiking; Traveling; Spending time with his two dogs
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